About Palace Beauty Supplies

About Palace Beauty Supplies

Palace Beauty Supplies is a beauty, cosmetic, and personal care products supplier. Located in Virginia Beach, we specialize in premium quality hair extensions for women. We offer a wide range of hair-extensions of all textures and sizes.

We care for you and the health of your hair. Hence, our licensed cosmetologists help you with all your hair-related health concerns. They personally guide each customer and suggest the best products to improve the health of hair.

We serve nationwide.

You are Special!

Your hair is as unique as you are! At Palace Beauty Supplies, we understand your needs and guide you in buying the best suitable products. Our experts ensure that you get the hair extension that suits the texture and look of your own hair to give the perfect finish for your gorgeous look.

Our Commitment

Every woman is special! We ensure women take care of their hair. We are committed to providing natural hair care and personal care products, and encouraging women to take better care of their hair.